Our History

Since 1952

Based in the heart of a dynamic industrial region, over the years Maison Cornillon has woven a fabric of strong ties based on quality and stringent requirements in textile production, as well as being a passionate advocate of "Made in France". The materials, styles and designs of our company specialised in fashion accessories (weaving of scarves, shawls, ponchos, etc.) have been a feature of the fashion world for 65 years. Our family history is one of know-how and demanding quality. Ever since 1952, every one of our stylish, quality products has perpetuated our brand's DNA.  


Weaving trends into fashion

Jacquard looms are special: they give us the technical means to create unique, original highly creative designs based on a precious body of know-how. Throughout its history Maison Cornillon Tissage has always been relied on creativity and innovative models. We have woven a fabric of strong ties based on the notion of "Made in France" and we have developed a culture of creativity. Each of the scarves, shawls and ponchos we design is imbued with both the latest trends and the company's own DNA. Our culture of innovation, our specific and unique industrial know-how allow us to create numerous collections...