Know-how & Development

Our production facilities

With production facilities that combine high technology with historic skills, Cornillon Tissage has arrived at the perfect blend of tradition and innovation. Respectful of its past and sure of its future, our company has the right facilities to produce your goods. Our ranges are devised and designed specifically to adapt to different moods and themes, whether must-haves, essentials or different universes corresponding to particular creative currents. Our creative and technical staff are able to provide solutions and responses adapted to specific requests and custom needs.


Precision, delicacy and originality

Jacquard looms are special: they give us the technical means to create unique, original highly creative designs based on a precious body of know-how. The diversity and mixes of materials used enrich the design and quality of the products, which can be adapted to the endless variety of the latest trends. The creations devised and designed by our creative and technical staff are what go into our collections. Genuine industrial craftsmanship and precious "Made in France" know-how to be carried on and perpetuated.  


Products “Made in France”

Driven by a determination to promote goods "Made In France", Cornillon Tissage is proud to have the "Fabriquée en France" label on its products. France is packed with know-how, precise skills and style, and our company has these qualities in its blood. From creation to production, our accessories are designed and woven in our workshops in Sainte Sigolène in Haute-Loire for inclusion our collections. You will find a wide range of fashionable shawls, scarves and ponchos.